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100% Italian Extra Fine Merino Wool. Made in EU
Soft in touch and lightweight sweater is delicate for the skin and delightful to wear. You can wear it either with classic shirt for the formal event or jacket for casual day look. Fully Fashioned knitwear.
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Why Merino?

  • Because our extra fine Merino fibres are so fine and light it is an ideal fibre for year round wear.

  • Even when air is cold or damp, a molecular process called ‘heat of sorption’ releases heat, which can be felt by the garment wearer. All fibres do this, but extra fine Merino does it four times as much as nylon and at least double this for polyester.

  • The natural crimp of our extra fine Merino fibre enables it to trap air effectively, thus insulating the body from the cold.

  • For the wearer of one of our iconic extra fine Merino garments, the Merino creates its own microclimate around the body, acting as a buffer against changing conditions and maintaining higher comfort levels.

  • Because our extra fine Merino fibre breathes with the wearer it means there is no unpleasant ‘clammy’ sensation and our extra fine merino garments can be worn in warm or cool weather.

  • Synthetic fibres don’t have this ability, which is why they don’t score as well for comfort.


In Love With Knitwear

Sweaters, Cardigans, Pullovers and Jumpers are universal items in your wardrobe. It’s not a secret that natural wool is better than synthetic materials. But surely the best choise is 100% Merino Wool Extra Fine or Cachmere one. And Italy is a country of real masters of Merino Wool. That’s why we decided to take exactly this yarn for you.

Everyone who try our Extra Fine Merino garment will quickly discover how soft and pleasant it is. When you wear it once you will love to put it on again at any chance. It’s like your natural skin. It doesn’t matter is it winter or summer outside cause this natural material is good for any season. It can protect you from cold or will cover from sun. 

Create your style combinations with your favorite sweaters made of Merino Wool. 



  • Wash at 30°C using non biological, bleach free detergent

  • Turn the garment inside out to protect the outer surface

  • Dry away from heat

  • Re-shape and iron slightly damp, using a hot iron

  • Use the steam or low setting warm iron

  • For dry ironing use a damp cloth to avoid glazing

  • For more information you should check the care label found inside your garment.


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