Women’s Blouse Turtleneck Raglan Short Sleeve



Women’s Blouse Turtleneck Raglan Short Sleeve

Our Women’s Blouse Turtleneck Raglan Short Sleeve is available in two classic and versatile colors: pure white and classic black. These colors offer a range of benefits that make them essential pieces in any wardrobe. The pure white option provides a fresh and clean look that’s perfect for the warmer months. It’s a great choice for a casual day out or for a more formal event, giving off an air of sophistication and elegance. On the other hand, the classic black option is a timeless color that never goes out of style. It’s perfect for dressing up or down, and the slimming effect of black makes it a flattering option for anybody type. Whether you’re attending a formal event or just running errands, the classic black option will keep you looking chic and stylish. Regardless of the color you choose, our Women’s Blouse Turtleneck Raglan Short Sleeve is designed to provide both style and comfort. The breathable fabric and relaxed fit make it perfect for any occasion, while the unique turtleneck and raglan sleeves add a touch of sophistication that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Merino Wool Quality & Practicality:

KNITTONS brand sweaters and pullovers made of 100% merino wool are always reliable, comfortable and practical wardrobe elements of a classic cut. We have achieved maximum softness of our wool products thanks to special processing technology. Our sweaters will provide you with maximum comfort and coziness when worn daily. These are durable products, with careful treatment they will serve you for 5 years or more. And at the same time, they will not lose their preventability and attractiveness. Follow our care instructions and have fun every day.

Original Luxury Cashmere & Exquisitely:

Sweaters from luxury Italian 100% cashmere are the new KNITTONS collection in 2022. The new collection includes men’s, women’s and children’s models. Luxurious sweaters are perfect for the weekend. Super soft, velvet at extra charge, these models are comfortable for the taste of the most demanding customers. Models for the whole family you will find in our store. With careful wear and care, our cashmere products will be your favorite in the wardrobe.

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